Plas Maenan wedding photographer- Vanessa and Eric got married


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It’s always lovely going back to St Mary’s church at Caer Rhun. I got married there myself (too many years ago now 🙂 )

I met up with the bride and the girls at Plas Maenan country house for the final stage of the bridal preparations. Everyone was as calm as I have ever witnessed before a wedding. Such a chilled atmosphere.

Vanessa looked stunning in her lace wedding dress and her simple bouquet complimented her beautifully.

Eric, the groom was dress in a traditional Celtic kilt. There’s something I really like about guys in kilts. I’m not sure I could pull the look off though 🙂

After the lovely wedding ceremony at St Mary’s we all headed back to Plas Meanan where we were treated to some beautiful singing from the Maelgwyn Male Voice Choir. Eric has recently joined the choir and stepped up and joined them for a song or two.

For a change the wedding breakfast was in the Garden Room and it had been decorated really nicely.


Photography – Tony Fanning photography

Wedding reception – Plas Maenan Country House

Suits –

Flowers – Scent with love

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Here are a few wedding photographs from Vanessa and Eric’s wedding day at Plas Maenan. I hope you like them.

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