Weddings on Anglesey- Rhiannon+Peter



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Rhiannon and Peter were married in St Michael’s church in Valley before having their wedding reception in the Black Lion Inn.

It was a boiling hot day in north Wales and everyone was in high spirits and had a cracking day.

We did manage to get to the beach for a few minutes as well which was lovely.

All in all it was a really good day for weddings on Anglesey.

Here are a few wedding photographs from Rhiannon and Peter’s wedding on Anglesey. I hope you like them.

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Photography – Tony Fanning photography

Wedding venue – Black Lion Inn

Venue dressing – Acacia flowers , Asparas designs and Aria by design

Cake – M&S

Bride hair – KLM hairdressers

Make up – Beauty Lounge

Flowers – Occasions flowers, Holyhead

Dress – Debenhams

Suits – Debenhams

Entertainment – Gav’s disco

Harpist – Einir Wyn Hughes

Cars – Go in luxury

Videography – Iris wedding films


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