Excite me!

My bucket list

A wedding where I can shoot entirely in black and white.

A wedding ceremony on a beach.

A wedding in Italy.

A wedding in any other European country.

A superhero or comic book themed wedding.

A wedding with an actual funfair. Extra points for dodgems, waltzers and candy floss.

A tipi wedding. (DONE- CHECK IT OUT HERE)

A music festival themed wedding would be great to tick off my wedding photography bucket list.

A wedding with a double decker bus.

A Chinese banquet wedding, including the tea ceremony.

A wedding at Chester racecourse. (DONE- CHECK IT OUT HERE)

A Lake District wedding. (DONE- CHECK IT OUT HERE)

An underground wedding.

A wedding in a cathedral. (DONE- CHECK IT OUT HERE)

Fancy dress worn by most of the wedding party.

A wedding anywhere that’s properly run down or literally falling down.

A wedding in a forest.

A wedding where the bride is heavily tattooed with them proudly on display.

A wedding in Gretna Green. Double whammy for an elopement.

A zoo wedding.

A wedding with an adult sized ball pit, for adults only.

Remember, if you have something totally leftfield planned for your wedding then let me know and we’ll talk.

My wedding photography bucket list needs to be completed!!!